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Posted by : | March 28, 2014


Hey everyone! Kriss Morton, The Cabin Goddess here calling out to you from somewhere in the woods in Fairbanks, AK! Yes an über awesome setting for a horror movie. If I told you I loved it here, just because I am such a big horror fan, would you believe me? No? Yes? Well let’s just say we moved here because in Alaska cabins are plentiful and I am cheap!

Welcome to Wilderness Apocalypse!

One side of the world to another, I am so excited to be part of this project with my friend Kai. We both have a penchant for horror, pandemic, apocalyptic, dystopian and zombie stories, so when Kai suggested it, I jumped! Plus, we both live in our own type of wilderness, so it was an obvious move!

My main personal blog, Cabin Goddess, is where I review books across all genres, talk about Alaska, share my crazy Zen recipes and overall, have a ball. I plan on being me here and doing a lot of the same things I do there, but more focused on the horror arena.

I was blessed to have a grandmother who introduced me to horror movies late at night on my 13″ black and white TV. Also, since I am also a huge survival freak and am fully prepared for the zombie apocalypse, because you know it will happen. If it is a pandemic, I would like to think the germs will die in the cold here in Alaska, but let’s face it, I get sick easy so either it will be one of those that kills off all but the hearty, or it will be bizarre and the sickly will live for an odd twist of fate.


Kriss’ cabin in the woods  (Photo credit: akmamma)

I live in the true wilderness of Alaska, lost little dwelling is what is called a “dry cabin“, meaning it is water-less with no indoor plumbing. If you want to get real technical, it is actually a greywater cabin because we have a sink and a grey water bucket. We make do porting our water in, taking showers at the Laundromat, college campus, friends or the occasional summer rain shower (wickedly grinning). Living what some call a dream in Alaska. I tend to wallow between dream and nightmare, but I have managed to hone the famous dry cabin “shower”, complete with heated water and Tupperware cups to soap and rinse. I already have a one-up on the rest of you because I survive daily here!

Willow & Liam @ Chatsniks Dredge

My youngest – Chatsniks Dredge in Alaskan Urban Decay

I live with my domestic partner Geoff and our pasta eating Bond kitty Asrielle, in this lovely place. For now, we are content with our way of life. Mainly because we are cheap, and living here is cheap. We like our toys, or games and our game systems. I like my cameras and my computer and my TV/DVD collection. Plus let’s face it, after almost 10  years we are dug into this place!  So do not ask me if I would prefer a place with running water, I would. It is just not a reality at almost triple the cost of living here. I do miss my bubble-baths, but I can still dream!

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