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Posted by : | March 28, 2014

Well, sorta anyway.kai1

Hi!  I’m Kai.  35 year old mother of two.  Horror aficionado, writer and nightmarist living in the wilds of the Cotswolds, but I’m from Scotland.  Army trained via the Cadets for three wild years of my life, I’ve been interested in the post-apocalyptic genre since I was a teen.  I really found my feet in it though in my first year of University, in 2007.  Since then, I’ve devoured some really amazing books and just soak up the genre whenever I can.

I love movies like Cabin in the Woods, play games like Fallout 3 and roleplay, a lot.

When not doing that, Kriss and I (who are best friends on opposite sides of the world!) work as public relations and guerilla marketing specialists with our shared company, The Finishing Fairies.  We decided to start a horror blog and talk about the stuff we were really into when we realised we were talking about posting it on our own blogs anyway.  I blog at Author, Interrupted, Armed with Dice, and run the host that we’re on, Hosting For Writers.

When not writing, I’m usually found playing games, chasing my two teenagers, or hanging out with my beloved fiancée, taking photos or knitting.  And being owned by two cats.  I code for websites using WordPress, and love nothing more than customising themes and messing with plugins.

If the world ended tomorrow…my only regret would be not having enough stuff stockpiled.

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    Hi Kai! My name is Cathy Olliffe-Webster and I’m one of Alex Cavanaugh’s minions in this year’s A to Z Challenge. Just making sure you’re on board and you’ve got your comments enabled and you’re ready to go! Hope you have a fabulous month, make lots of new friends and have a ball!

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