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I am somewhat obsessed, but I am also prepared. I thought I would cover three important areas of necessity that fall under the letter D.  The Dead? It can mean a lot of things in this case I am going to give you two things, one info about the dead and how to dispose of them. Not the walking dead but the dead. Oh don’t worry I plan on touching on The Walking Dead with Daryl. Dead Drops? You must have read about them, basically this is another way to survive and keep your own info safe from marauders and pirates.


The dead, and like I said not the walking dead. Though after you kill a few of those you still need to dispose of it. In the middle of the break-down of society you are going to find dead bodies, some may even be the ones you had to … take care of! I am sure you can see why you need to do this, the first obvious reason is disease, the same kind our ancestors had to deal with when they buried their dead.

I would be smart, depending on how broken down society is document it no matter what. Even if it is taking notes. However you can. If you still have access to some kind of electricity, such as solar, take digital photos. I realize this sounds silly but as we have seen and read on many dystopian and post-apocalyptic stories you will need to cover your ass! People get accused of anything and everything with a break-down of society. Put those marathon CSI shows to use people!

It also is because you have to make sure the body is safe to bury or if it needs to be burned. Until Atlanta in The Walking Dead zombie-apocalypse story-arc no one knew. Many of you will be inclined to burn the bodies but at the same time if you can bury them it maybe your safest bet.

Always where disposable surgical gloves or the next time you can raid a box store grab chemical rubber glove, those are the black ones that go up to your elbows. Wear a mask, even if it is a cloth one and especially when you burn. In a world where there are no more drive through pharmacies you better make sure you don’t get sick!

For health purposes you cannot afford to let dead bodies deteriorate near your camp or water source. You may have to pick up camp and move on. Or you may need to bleach or burn clothing or other items to be sure to get rid of infection. Bleach is going to be hard to come by and as nice as it is to have if you don’t have it there are many ways to disinfect.

Norman BatesKeeping clean, washing up and yes if you can grab them, showers… that basic and simple hygiene is important, even if it is in the river. But like I said, if you have the chance to grab a shower do so, that is unless you have someone who looks like this in your group.

If you are going on a supply run, grab soap bars. Simple plain soap. If you come across vinegar? Grab it can also be used to clean, and keep clothing clean of bacteria too. You may smell like a salad at times, but hey think of it as aromatherapy… for your belly!

Forget to put soap and sanitizer in your bug out bag? Oh for crying outloud *grin* that is OK check out the other things to get clean:

If you don’t have soap available, trying to at wash your hands and yourself with water is a temporary solution. Hot water is preferable, but just water can do the trick in a pinch.

There are also many alternative methods to soap:

  • Oatmeal
  • Olive oil
  • Baking soda (also good for brushing teeth)
  • Hot water

All of the above methods are great alternatives to soap and olive oil can actually be made very easily. Click here to read an article about how to make olive oil.

Hot water will be your best bet if you have nothing, any water period, though, in a lot of situations, because you’ll generally always be able to make a fire, heat up some water and wash yourself with it. Again, keeping a hand towel, or even a full towel with you will be important. And obviously washing the towel will be important as well.

Rotting bodies whether zombies or humans do not need to be anyhere where you are camping out or even in a fortress. Don’t bury or burn your bodies above the water source, or even near the water source. Hike it out, period. Don’t be lazy and stupid people. Keeping clean as much as you can is your best bet. Water a problem? Rain catchers (you all have seen 28 days later) and firewood to boil the water. Of course if you have a bathtub you could take care of both dead bodies and cleaning up…

just another thursday nightJust Another Thursday Night by KellyZak on deviantART

Speaking of zombies what about The Walking Dead  this year. Oh ya I can hear you Richard Long, hush! My take on TWD this seasons is a mixed bag. Personally I liked it better than season 3, of course I did not have a hard on for The Gov like my friend Richard here, but I have a hard on for .. err my panties get wet with Daryl, and yes he could use some of my hygiene tips, in fact they all could, especially Carl and Rick, but hey no one can be perfect!


I am not going to go into it to much because we all have our favorites but for me, Daryl is who would have my back if the horde was chasing me and here is why:

  1. He knows the pure joy of a redneck brunch, where as Carl was to obsessed with pudding. Now it may make you happy but in the end Pigs Feet will give you more nutrition, and Diet Coke will help your energy, though with all that salt you may want to pump up your water intake.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFdWvOqmqz0
  2. He uses a crossbow and knows what the good drugs look like. To very important things, he can stealth kill, can skin a squirrel (sorry Herbert) and knows how to cook it up right. AND if you hurt yourself, he can recognize the good stuff, of course he has his brother to thank him for that.. maybe. He is just fabulous incarnate.
  3. He would trip someone to save us, that is if I was not the one that needed tripping and I can respect that, if I have to be zombie bait I would be honored to be chosen by the D-man.
  4. For a man who was nobody before the outbreak, he has become someone pretty amazing.
  5. For someone who never had a place in the original story he sure has become a necessity.

I have lots of favorite people but out of all the zombie movies I have seen, and this does include Groovy Bruce, I still would want Daryl on my side. Who would you want?

Now… Dead Drops. Guys, these are important, especially now. Start setting them up. As ‘Days with the Undead’ author Julianne Snow wrote in her scenario they managed to have solar chargers. So prepare, you are doing bug out bags, make sure you have places to gather intel. And gather it, leave dead drops around in areas you know will be a safe zone. There is a great program out there called Dead Drops  where people are burying and attaching USB ports on walls, poles etc. It is quite simple just info dump and when you find one grab or leave info for the next person.

But there are other dead drops and they are just as important. Your best way to get information to other people in the area while also staying safe and keeping your place safe and information is the key but how do you do that when your iPhone is no longer getting a signal? You leave messages. Maybe you were able to gather information, maps etc on the dead drops you set up around the country and with others on the USB but what about if you want to call someone without letting the other group next door know? Because let’s face it those hillbillies and their cannibal ways just do not need to know how many plump butts in our camp we have!


Click to find out more on Indestructibles on how to make this Dead Drop

Create a system like a hideaway key your mom used to leave for you and make sure folks know where it is. Mark it with something that is not obvious, maybe a different plant that does not belong, or use natural landmarks. But make it hard to notice because you are not the only trained and prepared survivalist who reads this blog and others. There are lots of ways to do it, just be safe!

I realize this was a pretty long post but I had to cover the three D’s for survival and Daryl… I know he was not necessary but he is ….. I had to fangirl him! So.. how would you build a dead drop? What information do you think it is necessary?

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