F is for Fire – Surviving the Apocalypse #AtoZChallenge

Posted by : | April 7, 2014

Fire is really important after the fall of mankind and the rise of the undead.. oh and surviving if society crumbles for other reasons!

Just a few reasons why we need fire:

  • Depositphotos_31614395_xsStaying warm after your adrenaline wears off from running away from the horde all day
  • As mentioned in D is for Dead, etc… it purifies water, sterilizes tools and helps clean the zombie bits off you blew up with the nondairy creamer bomb you made (see C is for Cooking)
  • Heat to help dry wet clothes
  • A flame and coal bed for cooking
  • A sense of security and comfort (sometimes false)
  • Smoke for rescue signals (This is really a good idea if surviving in wooded areas and if there are rescue planes)
  • melting snow and ice for drinking water (and again purifying water).
  • A means to scare away dangerous animals (but not the horde… sorry you’re screwed either way)
  • Light for your shelter or for torches
  • Smoke to help repel insects
  • A way to burn the dead (again see D is for Dead).
  • Making weapons, oh… we won’t go into that but I believe you can think of a few!

Fire has a lot of good uses beyond that and after shelter and water fire is probably a must. There are many ways to start a fire even after your Zippo runs out of fluid and your matches are a bust or gone. Make sure you have a way to start a fire and also a way to carry that fire from place to place. It would behoove you to add a firestarter to your bug out bag asap!


Campfire (Photo credit: fritzmb)

The “best” however would be to use one of those larger tin cans you ate your peaches out of last with a few holes and punkwood, horseshoe mushroom or whatever burns slowly and without much of flames. In short of those materials burying coal in a thin layer of ash and revitalizing it every now and then (2-4 hours), adding some more fuel might help too. I have learned from being a camper that fungus never goes out, it is one of the reasons why mushrooms thrive you cannot even kill spores off! (Oh tip? Look for mushrooms along fire lines yummmy morels!)

Kriss Weekley Assign #2 Enviromental Portrait

UAF Firefighter (Photo credit: Kriss Morton)

As incredible and important as fire is, it can cause problems as well. And let’s face it, there are no sexy firefighters out there anymore (unless you were smart enough to have one in your surviver group) to put it out! The enemy can detect the smoke and light it produces. It can cause forest fires or destroy essential equipment. Fire can also cause burns and also carbon monoxide poisoning when used in shelters.

Just a few tips:

  • Use nonaromatic seasoned hardwood for fuel, if possible.
  • Collect kindling and tinder along the trail.
  • Add insect repellent to the tinder.
  • Keep the firewood dry.
  • Dry damp firewood near the fire.
  • Dig a small pit or build a firewall with rocks, this will help contain the fire and build a nice coal bed, especially when using it to cook.
  • If building a fire inside a shelter make sure you have proper ventilation. If the zombies or the fall-out have not killed you yet, the carbon-monoxide will!
  • Bank the fire to keep the coals alive overnight.
  • Carry lighted punk, when possible. (see above)
  • Be sure the fire is out before leaving camp.
  • Do not select wood lying on the ground. It may appear to be dry but generally doesn’t provide enough friction.

Not sure where to start? Here is how to use that fire starter I told you to add to your bug-out bag and also how to start from the basics! Also, be smart, PRACTICE THIS BEFORE THEY RISE!

No matter what, fire is essential. Cooking, containment of bacteria, warding off insects, burning dead bodies even creating some weapons if needed! I was going to teach you how to fish when you don’t have those fancy lures grandpa made but figured if you did not know how to build a fire you are screwed, unless you are really craving sushi that day!

zombie horde


  1. Posted April 7, 2014 at 7:49 am | Permalink

    Fire is good for schools too. I burned three to the ground before they agreed that I need no longer attend. Fire is good.

    • kriss
      Posted April 7, 2014 at 7:56 am | Permalink

      Buwahaha IAN! You are SO BAD… bad author.. bad … buwahahahahaha Oh but you probably can find some great tinder in those abandoned schools along the way… and perhaps a few 112 ounce cans of pudding!

  2. Posted April 7, 2014 at 11:04 am | Permalink

    Insect repellant! Now that’s a great tip!

  3. Posted April 7, 2014 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

    Fun and informative post!

    I remember being fascinated by fire as a kid.

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