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Posted by : | April 8, 2014

With all the games on the market you think the obvious ones like Fallout 3, Rage, Brink, Fallout New Vegas and all the other post apocalyptic games be the ones to teach you how to survive the best right? Yes and no… seriously! As a completionist with MorrowindOblivion and Skyrim I can say that overall Skyrim will be the one to teach you the most. 


Fan Man vs Mini-Nuke.. not realistic!

But those games are set in apocalypse or post apocalyptic worlds? Right?  For this reason in and of itself I bet you are sitting there saying this is obviously why they would be the best to teach you something. Both my partner and I have used Fallout as a survival simulator but lets face it, in real life even if it is a real weapon design from the ’50s, you cannot carry a mini-nuke launcher (assholes!). But truthfully there are things about Fallout and Fallout New Vegas which are to over the top to be realistic and they do not focus on the day to day aspects you need to be able to really survive.

But listen to this gamer girl who is addicted to the Elder Scrolls! Skyrim can teach you that they can’t. And it can teach it two-fold- once from the in game experiences, and once from the actual experience of playing it.

skrym confessions

Fallout 3? Oh come on, everything is probably tainted with RADS and the cure? Some fancy fake drug that will get you hooked or booze. You don’t want to be getting drunk, it dehydrates you! You wonder why you even bother learning recipes in Skyrim? Well because you are going to need to learn how to do it in real life, figuring things out using your wits.. there is a reason to steal that Mammoth Cheese, you never know when you need an extra boost of protein, plus the stink will keep those zombies off your tail. (YES I AM OBSESSED, we have established this!)

In game experiences:

Learning the benefits and effects of things after eating them:

Post apocalypse food won’t come conveniently packaged and flavoured in a supermarket aisle. And there will be things you don’t know about. Strange fruits and berries that you have absolutely no idea about. And most times, you won’t want to eat them. After all, they could be poisonous. But things will get just a little desperate post apocalypse…

After you have run through those MER’s from the bug-out bags and all your cans, most of your food will not be in airtight packaging. There will be foods, roots, herbs and cans missing labels you won’t have any idea about. You may not want to eat them because let’s face it if you were not smart enough to have a herb book you won’t know until you try it if it is poisonous. In Skyrim the fastest way to not only earn experience (and rightfully so) is to #nom on a bunch of alchemy ingredients. Sure you could get poisoned but if you are smart and eat in the safety of your own hearth you will be able to heal yourself if it is to bad. Plus you gain recipes you would not normally have.

This is a valid, if slightly crazy suicidal technique for post-apocalyptic surviving! I remember watching some movie and screaming, level up for taking a chance with those label-free cans! HAH! And mushrooms? take a chance! Just like with mammoth cheese it may look nasty, but it is worth it health wise! Plus, lesson learned? Kill giants and eat cheese! Always take out those stronger than you or at least outsmart them and eat their cheese!kill giants

If you cannot slay ’em, you learn to run away… fast!

Or, more precisely, you learn to treat every new monster, bandit camp and other situations with extra caution until you know what is going to work. In many situations what works best is running fast, very fast in the other direction… fast, even stealing a horse fast, or falling of a mountain slowly fast (just not to far)… fast!

I may be able to slay dragons, for they are a known enemy but even on easy I know never to get close to giants, mammoths and unless I am sporting a hefty bag of spells and potions (aka non-dairy creamer bombs), spriggans!

Same thing sith any post-apocalyptic situation, if you have no clue, if they look really crazy, perhaps with some blood dripping out of the corner of their mouths and that does not look like roast pig on the spit over the fire…. RUN, run fast, run hard and as quietly as possible.. then hide!

You learn to check every nook and cranny, basement, container, cupboards etc… for loot!

Or you will miss stuff, like 112 ounce cans of pudding in the real apocalypse or in the case of the game (and real life) things like books… books on herbs (skill books), keys to the bomb shelter with tons more supplies, tons of things that you may not see because you are being to quick. Take it from the man who appreciates a good redneck brunch, cupboards need to be sweeped!


Eat what you can when you can! Redneck Brunch (photo credit AMC)

Don’t be a slacker, take those extra fifteen minutes to find things you need or could need. Play Skyrim and learn not to be one and you will be able to survive better and stay on top during a post-apocalypse.

You learn you cannot carry it all!

207747296103237The  low carrying capacity in Skyrim means you can’t haul all 67 bandit armor sets out of a dungeon. It means you learn to be really picky and choose just what will get you the most bang for your buck or what will be most useful for you in other means, such as learning new skills. You will have to resist picking up every troll skull you find just because you want your bedroom to have that popular torture chamber look! (Plus there are mods to do this with, so resist the urge.

Experience from Playing

You do not need to sleep… yet!

Sleep? What is sleep! I have over 300 hours of combined gameplay on just two systems. I have no clue where I was at before my save file was corrupted on my old PC. Let’s just say I have gone four days playing just so I could complete the main storyline. But when it comes to the apocalypse? You are gonna need to learn to not sleep and still stay alert. Skyrim? You chug energy drinks. With the apocalypse? Sheer adrenaline and even eating straight coffee grounds just to stay up, you will burn out but you have to learn to stay awake! You can do it, or you can be ate by the horde or you can be on the spit of those. people above… can you say be aware of be food!!

You learn you don’t have to eat right away!

Same as above and below. But when you have to learn to do it, it is nice to have a bit of practice. You will survive!

You learn to hold it…. 

Playing this game is… umm addictive. You learn to hold it in, and yes it is not a smart thing to do but the jokes that float everywhere around about adult diapers etc? Well we learn to hold it, especially since we already practicing to survive by living in a waterless cabin and have to use an outhouse.

But how is this useful in the apocalypse? Oh man that is easy. You cannot just drop trough anywhere you want and take a… well whatever. You have to be smart and dig a trench, or whole and cover it right. If you are on watch you cannot take the time or change to be caught with your pants down or you could be screwed. The addictive factor to Skyrim ensures that when it hits and the horde is after you, you can hold it for hours and hours!

So what do you think? Skyrim or Fallout 3, what is your pick for a game who you can take real life time experiences away from to survive!

(I see you laughing, I do.. stop it! Or I will shoot you in the knee with an arrow!)

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  1. Posted April 8, 2014 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

    Maybe I should finally relent and try… (I’m terrible with video games) 🙂

  2. Posted April 9, 2014 at 7:54 pm | Permalink

    Man, if real life was like Skyrim, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make it. But, at least I get some dragons.

    • kriss
      Posted April 9, 2014 at 9:45 pm | Permalink

      Sure you would LOL There are always TRICKS to survival!

  3. Posted April 15, 2014 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    What I’ve learned in Skyrim…don’t eat food, it is dead wight. Except apple pies.

  4. Posted April 20, 2014 at 12:15 am | Permalink

    Thank you for the pingback!
    As a gameplayer myself I totally get what your saying.
    I learned one amazing thing playing games. Now I know that I can get dedicated to anything I set out to do in life. Not just about surviving but living too.

    With great respect!

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