L is for Love – The Realism of Love in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Posted by : | April 14, 2014

Let’s face it, the realities of survival in a post-apocalyptic world are not those we read in book and watch on the big screens. We see young adults rebel against the “system” and have their forbidden love, threatening to procreate in a world bursting at the seams. Judith in “The Walking Dead” is something that is a curious study. The fact she is still alive is something that I find very hard to accept.

post-apocalyptic love

But what happens before you do the wild thing in the tent making sure you are even more quiet than you were when the kids were in the next room (hey some of us are screamers). Let’s just talk about that situation!

  1. Hey dumb ass, your brain is no longer engaged and paying attention to the sounds around you. You’re more focused on getting your grove on that you miss the snapping twigs from bandits, gangs and hordes of the undead. Again… DUMBASS!
  2. Wait did you forget that before you do the wild thing, those condoms have expiration dates. Oh and birth control, hmmm the pill? I believe those are no longer going to be produced. Sure you have herbs, especially if you happen to have a middle age circa herbal book from the accused witch who saved it in a hidden stump to prevent the inquisition finding it and you now have stumbled upon it… ok ok we are not all idiots, but the chances of actually managing to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy during the apocalypse is pretty dangerous. There really is not right to life at this point, it kind of tends to be right to fight to stay alive. Don’t get me wrong, having babies is magical and amazing! I have five and I am blessed as hell. But bringing a child into a world full of flesh eaters or fall out or a collapsed society is something you better think long and hard about.
  3. Wait, wait… now let’s just talk about safe sex? What happens if you accidentally get an STD? Ummm antibiotics anyone? That huge shot in the ass if you get a bit of gonorrhoea? WHERE? NOT gonna happen! We are not even talking about aids? Virus and bacteria will mutate! We will no longer be able to have these things fought about with the CDC helping us stay on top of it!
  4. Oh and OK so you are pregnant, want to know the mortality rate of birthing mamma’s? Do you really need to be reminded of Lori Grimes? Oh well what can I say. C-Section? HAH! YES we will be blessed and hopefully have some folks who have some kind of medical training, but the chances are probably slim to none and not like what you read about in the zombie survival novel. You cannot pick your travelling and survival group, not really guys.

sunset-zombie-coupleBut seriously, love? Yes you can have love, and I hope you’ll be able to find it. Because love and hope are some of the things that are going to help you survive. But you do not need to be bumping uglies to express that love. Let’s not even go into the possible urinary tract infections that will turn into a kidney infection and probably kill you. Keep your pants on till you have a safe zone, with clean water, and you can actually sleep without a perimeterĀ guard. I don’t think Terminus is it either!


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  1. Posted April 15, 2014 at 9:49 am | Permalink

    I imagine that in order to have sex in your tent, someone has to be on look out duty. That’s a job that would suck. You have to stay awake in the middle of the night while two people have sex and above that, you have to hear the noises and screams. And your reward for helping out your friend, an attaboy bump on the shoulder.

  2. Posted April 28, 2014 at 3:05 pm | Permalink

    I have thought about ALL these things! Especially as a narrow hipped woman who’d never be able to give birth without a C-section, no WAY I’m having sex during the apocalypse! Just gonna have to settle for some groping and hand games, maybe oral if we’re lucky enough to be camping beside a relatively clear lake that’s warm enough to bathe in.

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