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Posted by : | April 15, 2014

Unlike most of my marketing articles, this isn’t about how to sell books.  It’s actually an expansion on the whole ‘will books/medicine be currency’ thought process.

In the post apocalyptic world, no matter what kind it is, at some point, money will become either pointless or so devalued it’s pointless.  There will be no banks, I would guess, but for the sake of argument, our apocalypse has destroyed all banks and governmental structures.  The best most people will have is what they can carry and trade – and I think that we’ll see a new rise of micro-economies.

Look at how it works now.  For example, this slum in Venezuela – Torre David.  It was an office development, before the developer apparently died.  Now it’s a vertical slum.  It’s not a large leap to think of holing yourself up at the top of a tower like this, or one a skyscraper, scavenging for food, putting those most vulnerable where they can reach, and those that defend in a defensible position.  I think that in our case, the vertical slum layout will be reversed.  Get the old, the young and the sick as high as they can manage, and the younger ones below, where they can be mobilised to help those below.

How it worked in Gallows

I’m writing a new post-apocalyptic tale, which is why I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, but how it worked in Gallows was those with skills dictated what the community could trade.  Those with resources dictated how those people built the community, and those that controlled the resources were the ones that were richest of all.  Right or wrong, if you’re sitting on a stockpile of blankets and food, and people are hungry and cold, you’re the king of that micro-economy.  Going back to Torre David though, each of the economies exist happily above and below one another, and I think, in some ways, we already deal in micro-economies for other things – not for money, but for influence online.  So in some ways, I think we’re more equipped to deal with it than we used to be, in an odd way.  That said, I also think that those of us that are used to living online will find it very difficult to parlay our understanding of the micro-economy of influence to the real world.  I think I might struggle with no wi-fi!

Why I think micro-economies will be the new reality

Each community is going to have a supply and demand for certain things.  If people can provide them, they’ll be well off.  Whether that translates to people being able to trade between communities and establish trade routes would remain to be seen.  I’ve talked about it a little in my book, but I’d be quite interested in hearing what you think.

(and if you’re interested, head on over and check out the sneaky snippet of Gallows I shared last night….)

Also, Kriss is under the weather – please stop by her posts and cheer her up!

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