N is for November (surviving through the winter) #atozchallenge

Posted by : | April 16, 2014

How do you survive through winter when the world has ended?
Actually, it’s probably the first time, after the first ‘die off’ that will cause real problems for survivors.

‘The first die off’

So, the world has ended.  You’ve survived.  But there’s all of these things that will still get you.  Disease, injury.  Stupidity.  Other humans. Other mammals.  Let’s face it, it’s not a fluffy world at all.  And you’re stuck in it.  Herd immunity probably doesn’t exist any more, not the way it used to, and worse, the medicines you’d use to fix the really bad stuff (and possibly the skills) are gone.  So, a lot of people will die off, and if you’re down to 5% of what humanity once was, it’s quite a bad thing.

The second die off will probably happen when the weather turns cold, because suddenly, people are going to be travelling, with low immunity and possibly on little food that’s any good, so the first cold snap will probably be the start of the of the second, and slightly more serious die off.  Pneumonia is probably going to be a thing that people face.

What do I suggest?

Honestly?  Keeping people well is about ensuring they’ve got their needs.  I still say that medicine is going to become the most important thing, but I thin, if the world ends, I’m going to stock up on vitamins and protein shakes.  Easy to carry, easy to make up, and will bolster my immune system.  And, I think, some of Kriss’ jerky recipes!

What do you think?  Will we make it past our first winter, post apocalypse?  Not even thinking about nuclear winter?


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