Rationing after the End of Times – Survival from A to Z #AtoZChallenge

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This month we have talked about a lot of things on this blog to help your survival rate, and the one thing we have not mentioned is rationing. This is pretty dang important considering that in a harsh environment — it’s snowing or the world has been condensed to those who want to eat you and have no plans on rationing brains — you have three hours to survive without shelter. After three days, you need water or you’ll perish. You can make it  three weeks without food, though you won’t be in very good shape to run from the horde! Some folks have survived up to eight and even ten days without water, but with the level of stress you are going to be under, Oh heck no!

The things you need to think about when rationing is exactly what you’ll need to make it till the next meal. Again keep in mind no matter what you need water. You will need to have a way to sanitize your water, either fire or iodine (also checking for dead bodies upstream).  You can be smart and when preparing your bug-out bag and your initial survival stash do what a lot of folks I know do, reuse things! It is the era of sustainability and re purposing! Check out this page for tips to set that up. It has a lot of ideas including ones we truly can use during natural disasters.

Rationing food is different because it involves more than just your health. Society revolves around food. We can see the evidence with the foodie blogs, all the food shows, the decadence even McDonalds goes to when creating some of their food. Gluttons? Perhaps, but as anyone who has taken a world history class we as a culture have developed this after eras in our past where there was no health care, a huge class division and no real government programs. Such as back in the Middle Ages.. yep I went there but it is true. It is ingrained in us. It is why for a large portion of our history women were considered beautiful with more on them to love. Food was what the rich had, the more food you had in your kitchen or that you served spoke to your status within your peer group and class structure.

Whatever and however you decide to do it, rationing will change the factions within your group. Try not go the way of the so many others. If you are a leader, be fair and use your language wisely. Make each meal count, concentrate on the focus of survival as a hole, never hoard your food. Also don’t forget to bring some of the graciousness you had in your life before. Paying it forwards works. Giving someone your pudding cup food if you have extra goes a long way to keep you happy psychologically. It helps regain a bit of the loss of society we will be suffering.

However you choose to do it remember that you have to. No more huge bowls of beans. I recently finished the Divergent series, well all but the last one because it was horrific. The Factionless passed their cans of food taking a bit for themselves before passing it to the next person. I believe this was one of the reasons this group dynamic, except for the megalomaniac leader, was a bit more successful as far as working together as a whole.  Perhaps even know you can look at food and think about taking it for granted less. I am not talking the “Starving in Africa” lines our mother gave us. But within ourselves. I think this could prove to be beneficial. Remember, you and I both know one day we will be forced to stay alive with a horde of the undead nipping at our heels.

Let’s play a game, though, that every survival movie and book seems to share. Either they are sitting around a table, the campfire, held up on a roof top passing the rationed food and water around. Everyone starts to settle and talk about, if they could have one thing right now to eat what would it be? What do you think you would be craving while shoving cold beans and part of a protein bar down your throat? Me? I think truthfully it would be fresh fruit… cold fresh fruit. Like a fruit salad… ohhh that sounds good!


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