T for time and U for utopia #AtoZchallenge

Posted by : | April 24, 2014

Sorry that the post didn’t go live yesterday – there was a bit of a snafu and the server hiccuped, so I’ve rolled it all up into one post.

T is for time

There’s a lot that isn’t discussed, timeline wise when the apocalypse hits.  There’s usually a solid date, but the events after are always hazy, and there’s a psychological reason for that.
Did you know that the ‘fight or flight’ instinct changes how you perceive things?  Including, possibly, time.  Fight or flight instincts, which survivors have to deal with over extended periods, might change whether you know what day it is, what week it is, or even care about keeping track.  I think it adds a texture to the world, but given the knowledge of how moons work, and more, it might be slightly harder to justify long term.

Time is one of the oddest things we deal with though

Humans do not perceive time as we think we do.  Our perception of time isn’t static, it isn’t measured and it isn’t regular.  Basically, when we’re enjoying stuff, we find time goes ‘faster’.  When we’re not, it goes slower.  But when we’re harried or scared, time gets away from us too.  I think it’s all about how engaged we are with seeing and experiencing our surroundings.  The more we can ‘pay attention’ to what is around us, the slower time will go, if we aren’t enjoying it at least.    It’s a very crude indicator of why we perceive the flow of time at different rates, but it works under most criteria.

What do you think?

U for Utopia

Dystopia is often seen to be the opposite of Utopia.  Dystopia is what happens when things are suppressed, rights are quashed and morality is given the back seat.  Dystopia is bad.  And yet, it isn’t.  It brings out the best, the ingenious, those that don’t fit and make the word a better place.
Utopia though, isn’t exactly good – it’s just the other side of the coin.
Under the best criteria, of course, Utopia is perfection.  But perfection has no room for those that don’t fit.  And I don’t just mean those that are criminal.  I mean that, even with the best of intentions, the perfect, utopic society has a huge flaw.  The creatives, and the sick, those not perfect will not fit.
And as it’s often clear, one man’s Utopia can be another’s dystopia.

The most simplistic versions….

Think of that perfect day.  Utopia would contain, on balance of probability, most of them.  Your worst day?  That, with fire and death and less, much less people, or suppression.  And I think we write more books about dystopia than Utopia, because other than addressing where we don’t fit, utopia is quite dull, when it comes down to it.

What do you think?  Can Utopia be perfect, and not so perfect.  Dystopia might be horrible but bring out our best.  Too simplistic?

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    Great post, I’ve always wondered about the time line that they don’t really show. And I agree with the Utopia, perfection would be boring, same thing all the time, even if it is good, boring. Check out my U post in the link below.

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