W is for Weapons for survival #AtoZChallenge

Posted by : | April 26, 2014

WWeapons are something you are going to have to think about having for survival. You better learn how to use more than just a gun. Machete’s are always one of my favorites as well as large hunting knives. What ever you do make sure you have the skills to keep a blade clean and sharp, to dress down a weapon and keep it in good working order because it will definitely save your life more than once.

You cannot carry them all!

Machete Zombie HunterMany things can happen and the doomsdayers are all in a tizzy over the most important weapons to have in your bug-out bag. Let’s face it though you are going to possibly be running and hiding and you are not going to be able to handle lugging around all those guns. For a handgun, you need to pick one that not only fits your hands, male or female, and one that is going to be the best in survival climates, so best figure out one that is best with wet climates because those are going to be the hardest on guns. One thing I always see and get upset about in the zombie books? AMMO!

Ammo is not going to be falling from the trees like gumdrops and candy canes. You are not going to be able to go shopping, the looting will take all the ammo whether they need it or not. It will be a form of currency so I definitely will agree with grabbing what you can but not everyone is going to be carrying weapons that need a lot of specialty ammo. Pick a gun that uses the most common ammo.

AK-47’s are one of the best semi-automatic weapons out there. The Ruger mini-30’s are hard find but they use teh same ammo and are great for not only keeping your stash guarded but also large game hunting is a bit messy but doable. AK-47 is again by far the most durable autoloader the Russians gave us. It’s why the gun is still being used by the countries in the desert. The AK-47 mini–30 or any variants require little maintenance. They can be a little testy at times but with a 30 round clip and an easily accessible ammo type (plus if you manage to gather a press kit it is easy to press your own, I have done it and out of the five ammo types I was making this was the one that was easiest and not as touchy).

bow-userBut there are not just guns to have, machetes, hunting knives, crossbows (because as cool as it looks using a bow is NOT as easy and requires a lot of work)… heck cricket bats, baseball bats, homemade spears with some of the knives. No matter what you have to be armed. You may not like guns but something has to be had and more than one. A BANG and a STAB… be prepared!

Here is a great infographic from ReadyHolster.com about the best guns for women. Take the advice and look at the ammo. Again, will it be easily found in mass? Is the gun something that will be OK in a lot of climates? Can it stand up to a lot of zombie brains being splashed all over it?

Be Prepared!

The 10 Best Guns for Women

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