X is for x-rays #AtoZchallenge

Posted by : | April 28, 2014

Or….how are you going to deal with serious medical emergencies when there are no diagnostic tools as we know them, like X-rays and other devices available.  What if you’re moving from town to town?  Will you have the chance to get help?  Will you even know you need to?file6831235377769

Broken leg?  How do you know?  How about internal injuries?  Or a serious concussion?  How can you tell what a migraine is, versus a brain haemorrhage?

The world has ended and the biggest problem, as I keep saying I guess, is the lack of medical care that we’ll receive from the people around us in general.  We won’t be able to pop to the local hospital and diagnose a small pneumothorax with ease.  There will be no way to to do ultrasounds, surgeries or other things that we consider almost routine (If inaccessible to some people).  Life will become much more dangerous, and much more immediate.  Our lives will end far easier.

Cancer and other illnesses, already possibly increased by the way the world ended (nuclear bomb for example), will be harder to diagnose, and treatment will be almost impossible.  And that’s what my story, my final AtoZ entry, is touching on tomorrow.  It’s about the end of the world, both literally and metaphorically.  I thought it fitting, given the amount I’ve spoken about illness and medical issues to end on that.

What do you think?  What’s the one thing you’re going to really miss, should the world end, medically speaking?

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