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Posted by : | April 29, 2014

WA-BG-mYesterday, the skies were blue, 
a whole world laid out before us.  
Yesterday, each path was clear,
our choices unmade,
spread out like a million different treats.
Yesterday, they dropped the bomb.

Today, the skies are black, and clogged
and I can’t leave the house.
Today, the path is obliterated, 
no treats, no rewards, no world.
Yesterday, the skies were blue.  Yesterday, they dropped the bomb.

The ditty was inscribed on a wall, the peeling sticker of the fire image destroyed and ratty.  I remember the day they were talking about, very clearly.  It was they day they diagnosed me with cancer.  The day they told me that I had one path anyway.
I couldn’t stand the whole ‘they’ve destroyed our choices’ camp. I didn’t agree that we’d lost all of our potential.  I agree, the world is different now.  It’s horrible that all those lives were lost, but I’ve got my own to worry about – most of us, you, me, the whole world, didn’t have nearly as many choices as they like to campaign about now.  Speaking of, there’s another ad.

I watched it run by.  You probably know the ones I mean.  ‘The United party for post-apocalyptic reunification’.  In the UK, they’ve hijacked far too many channels, they’ve taken far too many things from us.  It’s true, the things that needed to be done, to make it right when the world burned was tough.  And it wasn’t nuclear.  Those of us that were ‘lucky’ enough to have sheltered, we were the ones that won.  I’d rather have gone up in that flash.

Y’see, I’m one of the outliers.  The outcasts.  I was in the hospital when the bomb hit.  So, with everyone that was able to evacuate, I was ‘lucky’ enough to be ambulatory, and the soldier that was supposed to stop those of us not on the list had been delayed, so we were all bundled away.

They say that the explosion was designed to incinerate everything on the streets, and leave the buildings intact.  They say it was from one of the separatist states. They say that it wasn’t deliberate, it was an accident.  They say CERN.  They say our own government.  They, they.

I was asked to leave soon after the all clears started to sound.  Do you know how spooky it is to pass through a building – compeltely intact – and remember the voices.  Remember yesterday.

Do you remember Yesterday?  What do you remember?  Do we remember the same things?  I bet we don’t.
And then…well, then the government stepped in.  Stepped UP, they said.  Miraculously almost whole, they began to ‘pull together’.  Except we’re not together.
Would you like to be?
Yes, us.  Me.  You.  You wouldn’t have this tape if you weren’t interested in doing something.  So.  Follow me.  Let’s make this right.

Continued, tomorrow, at Author Interrupted

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