An AtoZ retrospective – Kai’s overview

Posted by : | May 6, 2014

I’ve been thinking about how to write this for the last few days – I mean it’s been more than seven days since my last post, so I really should probably say something about what April was, and what we’re doing going forward.

I can’t speak for Kriss, though, we’ve both discussed and committed to ‘more or less’  one post a week, but we’re both going to be focussed on different parts of the horror community, though probably with a lot of overlap.
Before I talk about that though, I thought I’d mention a couple of things.

Doomsday Clock, Oranges and Yesterday will run, possibly link up and eventually finish on here.  It might stray over to Author Interrupted and my own horror writer’s site later, but we’ll keep the references and the summaries and start/end on here.  Let me know which you’re looking forward to next.  All three, along with a pile of other short stories *should* appear in my first horror collection too!  We’re doing the official cover reveal for that soon, so if you’re interested, get on our mailing list.

As for the rest of the A to Z, I really enjoyed some of the stuff I researched.  It was well worth the challenge, even if it felt like some days I was at the end of an endless to-do list, so next year, we’re going to do as much prep in advance as we can possibly manage.  Kriss is still under the weather, but I know we’re both talking about *how* to make it all easier for next time.

Speaking of the mailing list

Kriss and I didn’t realise that the button for our mailing list was being hidden by a piece of CSS.  Kriss has fixed that now, so if you’d like to sign up, we would, of course, love to have you.  We’ll also be sharing more cool stuff on FB and Twitter, again, come check us out!

Going forward

Kriss and I are really interested in hearing what you’d like to see.  I’m not going to say we want to be the premier horror blog on the net, but y’know, we’d like to be YOUR niche resource of horror entertainment, if we can.  So I’m passing it over to you guys, our readers, to tell us what you’d like to see.  So share what you’d like us to do, and if it’s possible, we’ll do it!


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