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N is for November (surviving through the winter) #atozchallenge

Posted by : | April 16, 2014

How do you survive through winter when the world has ended? Actually, it’s probably the first time, after the first ‘die off’ that will cause real problems for survivors. ‘The first die off’ So, the world has

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M for Marketing/Micro economies #AtoZchallenge

Posted by : | April 15, 2014

Unlike most of my marketing articles, this isn’t about how to sell books.  It’s actually an expansion on the whole ‘will books/medicine be currency’ thought process. In the post apocalyptic world, no matter what kind

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K is for kits – #AtoZchallenge #Doomsdayclock

Posted by : | April 12, 2014

This is a serial fiction, so please check out the previous parts :).  It will eventually be collected, expanded upon and posted, free in eBook format, but for now, enjoy and let me know

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H for Humanity #AtoZChallenge

Posted by : | April 9, 2014

Humanity is one of those things that we ‘mostly’ take for granted.  There’s a list of rules and ethical and moral obligations that we include as our ‘humanity’.  But when the walls of what

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A is for Apocalypse

Posted by : | April 1, 2014

It’s the end of the world.  Apocalypse. Whether the world is burning in nuclear, trans-nuclear or other weapon created fire, has ended with a bang as the world is overrun, or we’ve just burned out,

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