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M for Marketing/Micro economies #AtoZchallenge

Posted by : | April 15, 2014

Unlike most of my marketing articles, this isn’t about how to sell books.  It’s actually an expansion on the whole ‘will books/medicine be currency’ thought process. In the post apocalyptic world, no matter what kind

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H for Humanity #AtoZChallenge

Posted by : | April 9, 2014

Humanity is one of those things that we ‘mostly’ take for granted.  There’s a list of rules and ethical and moral obligations that we include as our ‘humanity’.  But when the walls of what

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B is for Books

Posted by : | April 2, 2014

The piece of apocalyptic fiction that really hit me, to do with books at least, was Fahrenheit 451. Imagine a world where books aren’t welcome any more – where firemen destroy instead of saving.  Where

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