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Q is for Quacksalver #AtoZchallenge

Posted by : | April 19, 2014

I’m pretty much focussed on the horror of no medical care (which I know is actually a reality in various parts of the world), but of all the things that I think I’d worry

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P for Pandemic #AtoZchallenge #Shortfiction

Posted by : | April 18, 2014

Yesterday, we covered O for Oranges.  Now the continuation…. The aliens brought something with them.  It wasn’t an invasion, not exactly, but at 10, I didn’t really understand.  What I know is I got sick that day.

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O is for Oranges #AtoZchallenge #Shortfiction

Posted by : | April 17, 2014

This horror story will be an extra in Memento Mori, a collection due out in October of this year, under my pen name, Sabrann Curach. The room smelled off – the old smell of oranges,

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B is for Books

Posted by : | April 2, 2014

The piece of apocalyptic fiction that really hit me, to do with books at least, was Fahrenheit 451. Imagine a world where books aren’t welcome any more – where firemen destroy instead of saving.  Where

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