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Q is for Quacksalver #AtoZchallenge

Posted by : | April 19, 2014

I’m pretty much focussed on the horror of no medical care (which I know is actually a reality in various parts of the world), but of all the things that I think I’d worry

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N is for November (surviving through the winter) #atozchallenge

Posted by : | April 16, 2014

How do you survive through winter when the world has ended? Actually, it’s probably the first time, after the first ‘die off’ that will cause real problems for survivors. ‘The first die off’ So, the world has

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I is for injuries #AtoZchallenge

Posted by : | April 10, 2014

One of the major dilemmas the post apocalyptic world will face (and something I’m going to post as a short story under Q for Quacksalver) is how to handle injuries.  I’ll also be talking

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